Poker Stories Podcast Guest: Jamie Kerstetter

Poker Stories’ podcast series is well known to introduce the finest players and best personalities of the poker world. For this week, Poker Stories Podcast has featured Jamie Kerstetter, who speaks about her choice of a career in poker, instead of her law career.

For the last few years, Jamie Kerstetter is an upcoming female poker player. This is definitely not what she had expected to be when she was studying law at Rutgers University, located at Michigan. Jamie Kerstetter had just managed to survive a mental breakdown at the bar exam. Soon, her joy of passing the exam and getting a job was struck dead due to recession causing layoffs. This young woman was now without a job.
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Release Of New Prima Poker Client By MPN

There is no denying that Prima was one of the renowned names once in the online poker business. The high stakes games offered by Prima were in good comparison with their rivals Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars. However, the fame was a bit overshadowed over a period of time. Now, the Prime Poker Network as has been re-branded as MPN also known as Micro gaming Poker Network. This means Prima is back in action and this time with brand new software. The software is basically designed for delivering the best experience for poker players across the world. The promotion was rolled out to attract both new and existing players to give it a shot.

Prima did house some of the popular names in online poker, although it was not open to U.S residents then. Johnny Lodden, Sami Kelppuro and Prahlad Friedman were some of the names who battled on Prima for matches. There are series of improvements with regards to the new software of Prima. Players can easily download it now on select skins and customers worldwide can access it from 31st July. Some of the new features offered by MPN this time include Ultra High definition graphics. In addition, there is player history tool to segregate profit and loss in various games. This in turn helps players maximize the outcomes. There is a new loyalty program and a feature for turning a hand history into GIF. This helps players to share the same with social media.

The head of product department of MPN Alex Scott said it’s their biggest poker release to improve their product and cope up with the tough competition. Scott is proud that his team has successfully accomplished their mission and is happy to see things improving in the coming months. The new Prima client will have more features which were missing in the older one by the end of this year.

Hawaii To Ramp Up Enforcement Of Poker Laws

Hawaiian police say will increase crackdowns on illegal gaming

Hawaii Police said they are ramping up enforcement of the gambling laws of the state, which are the strictest in the country. Utah does not have any gaming industry and it is the only other state without that.

According to a report from sources, authorities Oahu, which is the home to Honolulu, say as many as over 100 illegal dens of gambling are operating here on any given day and that also includes the gambling machines and poker games. And this is not the first raid in Hawaii; the place has a history of poker raids.

According to the Honolulu Police Department “People of all ages as well as of different socioeconomic levels are affected by the game rooms and. We often hear people saying that gambling is an entertainment which is harmless; however, we are very much aware of the fact that the game rooms are the hubs of illegal activity. This is antisocial and put a bad impact on the people of Hawaii.”

In Hawaiian law, poker is legal in Hawaii only as a “social” activity; it means only a player can make money from the game and no one else. So, the poker businesses are illegal if someone charges for giving a common place to sit, play, for food and beverages.

As of now, Hawaii does have any real poker scene in spite of no legal card rooms. According to the data of World Series of Poker, this past summer, Hawaiians were brought into bracelet events combined 527 times; this has put Hawaii 32nd among the U.S. states.

So, the place didn’t have any real casino, but it has a big pool of casino lovers who love playing poker even it is illegal at the place.

Ben Maya Captures His First WSOP Bracelet

The event #43 at the 2017 World Series of Poker was the$1, 500 No-Limit Hold’em Shootout.

Total of1025 poker players took part in this competition. It was the Israeli realtor Ben Maya, who came up trumps at the end of the event to win the first gold bracelet of his career. This Israeli is not a regular on the international tournament scene, but this time he has made his presence count and that too in fine fashion.

By taking part in this WSOP event, Ben Maya took home $257,764 for winning the $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em Shootout event. Maya said that he does not play in a lot of tournaments. In fact, he does not feature in any tournaments and just tries his luck out in one tournament in a year. He finds tournaments quite exhausting as it requires plenty of hours of concentration and time. He gets very tired to take part in big tournaments. He is a businessman and a busy one at that and does not find poker to be a big part of his life.

Maya said that he had some feeling of having the gold bracelet in his hand the very first day of the event. He did not believe in himself and he does not know why he does not have the self belief. He acknowledged that he is not a good poker player. But, after he won the second day, he knew that he has some poker skills with him and was confident that he could make it to the end.

This is a shootout format and hence players will have to win each table, they are in to advance to the next stage. The final day had two six-handle tables and 12 of the big names on the final day. The heads-up was between Maya and Thomas Boivin of Belgium.

Phil Hellmuth Wins Side Event LAPC

Phil Hellmuth made news recently when he beat another iconic player, Mike Matusow at a side event in LAPC hosted in February 2017.

The game that was held as a side event at the LA Poker classic event of World Poker Tour, usually such an event includes $40,000 as prize money and hardly makes an effect on the poker community. However, this side event was made special as two stalwart players were invited to play. Simply seeing these two rivals pair up against each other made the event special. Many logged on to check out the event. The rivals played the Omaha Hi Low/Stud Hi Low event. It definitely delighted many fans who tuned in or turned up live to watch the game. Hellmuth is known to have made about 21 million dollars in live poker, cash events while Matusow’s earnings are about ten million.

Many felt that the event was out of the glory days of televised poker shows. Though the monetary stakes were negligible, it was a chance to see the old pros battling it out and how good their hands were still in the game. Both players have played games for high stakes that have involved about thousands of dollars for each hand of the game. Both navigated to the final table from a field of 72 players. Hellmuth was tied in the leading chip position while Matusow was holding a short stack of chips. Even John Cernuto was part of the final table, but he got busted out of the game. The finals were on between Hellmuth and Matusow till the end. The Poker brat was able to hold out to the end while Matusow, aka the Mouth had to give in the end. Hellmuth held onto his leading position till the end. The game was an entertaining one for the fans to watch for sure.

WSOP Attractions For 2017

Most players of poker in the professional world wait to participate in the World Series of Poker that is known to be a renowned event the world over.

Indeed, there are several features that are unique about the series. It is known to have started early and every year it is the longest running tournament. Many players and celebrities in the poker world hold their titles and achievement records based on the number of events they have won and rewards accumulated through the World Series of Poker tournaments.

This year the 48th version of this tournament would be staged. There would be similar events as lined up last year with a focus on offering different varieties of games that can target players of different categories. There are certain novel events lined up as well as Colossus III.

This event is being staged for the third year, which has gained the status of being a live poker event that is the largest in the world. It would be hosted on the opening weekend of the event this year. There would be a buy in for three days, which would be about $565. The tournament will have no limit hold’em rounds that will continue from June 2nd to June 4th. The first two years saw as many as 43,987 entries for this event.

The main event would comprise of a buy in amount of $10,000 which will start from July 8th. It will continue for ten days consecutively. It will end on July 17th, the last day of the tournament this year. There would be several other events such as Ladies Championship, Seniors Event, and Little One for ONE DROP, Monster Stack, Millionaire Maker and others. The gold bracelet event would be from a prize pool of $555,475 for the winner. Will Invest In Qufan the sports lottery service provider that work online is a leading Chinese company, it has decided to invest 16 million Dollar in poker game operator that provide services on mobile and know about mobile social poker game Qufan Internet Technology Inc. and Shenzhen Qufan Internet Technology Co. Ltd.

With this investment is representing the equity of 51 percent in both Qufan Internet Technology and Shenzhen Qufan Internet Technology is taking this investment as ordinary, but has good future plans to generate revenue. This merger seems to be a big one and lover of poker and lottery can see same major changes in format after these three companies come with their action plan.

500.Com is listed in The New York Stock Exchange and has good reputation. In year 2016, 500.Com suspended its lottery services that they provide online in the strict regulatory review by online lottery operators in China.

Now the parties are planning to cooperate and develop and promote mobile social poker games. They will use platform of to promote the poker game on mobile. Products of Qufan include Dezhou Zhiye, Paiyou and two other popular poker games in China.

As if now there is no information revealed with regards to stand of Qufan in the entire merger. It is still not clear whether Qufan has risen any funding of venture before.

China Ministry of Finance has approved two bodies to provide online lottery service on the behalf of Lottery Association Center of China sports. In the two entities is one.

The merger of 500.Com and Qufan Internet Technology Inc. and Shenzhen Qufan Internet Technology Co. Ltd. is in process of finalization and will take its shape in some time. Till that time poker players have to wait and watch what is there.

Kahnawake Changes Gaming Regulations

There is a change coming about in the gaming licensing operations in the US.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission had come together and it is forcing Bovada along with other online licensees out of US. This has come about before the sale starts for the online poker site in the US which is in the unregulated sector. The deal that is being talked about will keep Ignition Casino as well as Bovada out of the US market.

Bovada announced in August that it would sell off its poker operations to Ignition Casino, a deal which will come through by September 30th. Poker would no longer be on Bovada site, but the customers would be able to access the race book, casino and sports book products that the site offers. The clients of the poker room would be would have their accounts moved to Ignition Casino. The platform for poker used by Ignition Casino is the same as Bovada uses.

The same tournaments, mobile poker and Zone poker along with anonymous tables would be offered. There would also be a weekly lottery as Bovada used to host previously.

There has been a new development in this scenario. The licensor for Bovada as well as Ignition have struck up a deal with the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. This commission is working with the division of Gaming Enforcement in the state which will keep both ventures from having customers from US since September 30th. The gaming commission has asked for the licensee to only accept players out of US states as doing the reverse of that would affect the integrity and reputation of the gaming commission. If an operator decides to engage in such an activity they would be denied. The existing licensees are advised to change their operations accordingly as per the directive issued by the Commission as non adherence to the same will result in termination of their license.

Eureka Poker Tour Rozvadov 2016 Main Event report

The 2nd battle of Eureka Poker Tour Rozvadov €1,100 Main Event attracted 338 entries.

Following the end of Level Ten, just 132 survivors got their chips. Those inauspicious to bust had the scope to immediately reenter and took part in Day 1c which started at 10 pm (local time) with at least ninety players, and they would have info on those that advanced there once play has been finished.

Quentin Dellis managed to get the most chips on Day 1b by securing 201,100. The man from Belgium journeyed with a huge stack towards the day’s end and after that took the chips of Markus Hofer during the past 3 hands to end on top.

Quentin had 7 Hendon Mob results to his name prior to this event, with all of them representing final table appearances.
The biggest cash took place during the UKIPT Dublin only a few weeks ago where he came sixth for a payday of €31,880. Other top stacks to end the day included Feryat Toprakli (140,600), Amir Mozaffarian (157,300), Jonas Lauck (159,300), Jean-Marc Jelk (168,100), and Martin Ilavsky (174,100).

Yehuda Cohen, a local player, ended the day with 135600, followed by Hannes Speiser (100,700) and Dag Palovic (132,600). Josef Pavelka, the Season 5 runner-up, made it with 93300 chips.

Those who could not bag up chips for Day 2 were Jan Nakladal, Enrico Rudelitz, Petr Jelinek, Matias Ruzzi, Martin Kabrhel, €330 Rozvadov Cup winner Jaroslav Peter, Eureka 4 Rozvadov champion Martin Meciar, Antonin Duda, Marko Mikovic, Paul Michaelis, as well as Maria Lampropoulos the World Poker Tour National Brussels runner-up.

Chinese police introduces ‘most-wanted’ poker cards

You probably have seen “Wanted” posters of suspects pasted on notice boards or shops around the world. But, the Chinese authorities have done something new – they have printed their face on poker cards.

Authorities in China’s Binyang County, Guangxi Province, dished out the specialized poker cards to the public for free on 10th January that carries snapshots of 248 suspected criminals, reported a leading Chinese daily.

A total of fifteen thousand sets of playing cards were offered in 5 different designs. Authorities stated that anyone with leads to the fugitives, who are allegedly connected to internet-based crimes, would be handed 2000 Yuan (i.e. £200).

Along with this to the faces of the criminals, the Public Security Bureau has printed their national ID number, home addresses,
gender as well as the accused crime
. The cards also carry the phone number of the police station.
The local police handed out three thousand sets of these cards in Binyang’s Urban Garden Plaza earlier on Sunday during a publicity event. They have offered 5 different designs, so that they could add various suspects. Every design had three-thousand sets.

The cards are only like your average poker cards. It has hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds. They are also numbered two to ten and include the ace, jack, king, queen and even the joker. And in the middle, the suspects’ pictures are printed.