You probably have seen “Wanted” posters of suspects pasted on notice boards or shops around the world. But, the Chinese authorities have done something new – they have printed their face on poker cards.

Authorities in China’s Binyang County, Guangxi Province, dished out the specialized poker cards to the public for free on 10th January that carries snapshots of 248 suspected criminals, reported a leading Chinese daily.

A total of fifteen thousand sets of playing cards were offered in 5 different designs. Authorities stated that anyone with leads to the fugitives, who are allegedly connected to internet-based crimes, would be handed 2000 Yuan (i.e. £200).

Along with this to the faces of the criminals, the Public Security Bureau has printed their national ID number, home addresses,
gender as well as the accused crime
. The cards also carry the phone number of the police station.
The local police handed out three thousand sets of these cards in Binyang’s Urban Garden Plaza earlier on Sunday during a publicity event. They have offered 5 different designs, so that they could add various suspects. Every design had three-thousand sets.

The cards are only like your average poker cards. It has hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds. They are also numbered two to ten and include the ace, jack, king, queen and even the joker. And in the middle, the suspects’ pictures are printed.