Hawaiian police say will increase crackdowns on illegal gaming

Hawaii Police said they are ramping up enforcement of the gambling laws of the state, which are the strictest in the country. Utah does not have any gaming industry and it is the only other state without that.

According to a report from sources, authorities Oahu, which is the home to Honolulu, say as many as over 100 illegal dens of gambling are operating here on any given day and that also includes the gambling machines and poker games. And this is not the first raid in Hawaii; the place has a history of poker raids.

According to the Honolulu Police Department “People of all ages as well as of different socioeconomic levels are affected by the game rooms and. We often hear people saying that gambling is an entertainment which is harmless; however, we are very much aware of the fact that the game rooms are the hubs of illegal activity. This is antisocial and put a bad impact on the people of Hawaii.”

In Hawaiian law, poker is legal in Hawaii only as a “social” activity; it means only a player can make money from the game and no one else. So, the poker businesses are illegal if someone charges for giving a common place to sit, play, for food and beverages.

As of now, Hawaii does have any real poker scene in spite of no legal card rooms. According to the data of World Series of Poker, this past summer, Hawaiians were brought into bracelet events combined 527 times; this has put Hawaii 32nd among the U.S. states.

So, the place didn’t have any real casino, but it has a big pool of casino lovers who love playing poker even it is illegal at the place.